This workshop introduced participants to the new R-Package, PLUM, a novel approach to age-depth modelling that uses Bayesian statistics to reconstruct accumulation histories for 210Pb-dated deposits using prior information. It can combine 210Pb, 14C, and other dates in the chronologies. This is an important technique to reconstruct short and long-term mercury deposition into the environment.

The workshop was presented by Dr. Marco Antonio Aquino Lopez (from CIMAT- Mexico) who developed the rplum package and facilitated by Dr Simon Connor from the ANU School of Culture, History and Language – Australia.

The event was run online (via Zoom) over three Tuesdays (10th, 17th and 24th August 2021). Watch the recording of the workshop on YouTube:


Day 1 – Modelling theory for rPlum, Bacon and CRS age-depth models.


Day 2 – Installing rPlum and familiarising with rPlum files.


Day 3 – Hands on!!!