Welcome to our comprehensive database of peer-reviewed journal articles focused on mercury research in Australia. This resource is designed to assist researchers, policymakers, and anyone interested in the environmental impacts and regulatory aspects of mercury.

Accessing Articles:

Each entry in our database is linked to the journal’s website where the publication is hosted. Depending on your institution’s library system, you may be able to access the full text of these documents. Please note that due to copyright restrictions, direct PDF downloads from our database are not available.

This database is continually updated to ensure that it includes the most recent and relevant scholarly work on mercury in the Australian context. We invite you to explore our resources and utilise them for your research and information needs. 


This project would not be possible without the invaluable contributions of Jason Greenless (GetLeads Australia), Gavin Miller and Larissa Schneider, who conceptualised and built the website with its search engine capabilities. Additionally, we are grateful for the funding provided by the School of Culture, History and Language at the Australian National University, which has been instrumental in the development and continuation of this resource.


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