Dr Robyn Schofield

Dr Schofield is an expert across several areas of environmental science from atmospheric chemistry to air quality and climate science. She has expertise in atmospheric spectroscopy, radiative transfer, profile retrievals of trace-gas species and coupled chemistry-climate modelling. She has conducted several studies targeting atmospheric reactive gases (ozone, NO2, BrO, OClO, HCHO, SO2, Hg) and aerosols & clouds from polluted urban areas to pristine polar regions. She has been involved in work that has used genomic techniques to disentangle environmental impacts of atmospheric pollutant transport. Her work in Chemistry-climate modelling studies led to the first Australian contribution to the international Chemistry Climate Model Intercomparison exercise. She has contributed to several studies investigating microphysics of aerosol and cloud formation processes and convective transport of trace-gas species.

Dr Schofield managed the build, commissioning and now several deployments of the AIRBOX facility (an ARC LIEF 2015 funded facility). AIR-BOX is a mobile atmospheric chemistry laboratory. She has led several field campaign deployments including the atmospheric chemistry observations during the Sea-ice Physics and Ecosystem eXperiment II in 2012 and a multiple voyage deployment of AIRBOX over the 2018/2019 resupply season on the Australian icebreaker the RSV Aurora Australis. She led the deployment of AIRBOX to Garden Island in early 2018 and she is involved with the upcoming deployment of AIRBOX into the maritime continent on the RV Investigator, Australia’s state-of-the-art marine research vessel.

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